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  • Penis Vibrator Pump


    Penis Vibrator Pump

    Vibrator Pump with internal Penis Ticklers.

  • Oro Stimulator Pump


    Oro Stimulator Pump

    New Oro Stimulator Blowjob Imitators, From Pipedream Imagine a masturbator capable of creating its own sucking action all by itself, effortlessly gliding up and down your pleasure rod until you climax! The slick, supple mouth of the Oro-Stimulator conforms to any size and clings to your penis in any position, delivering orgasmic sensations that feel better than the real thing.

  • Ideal For Me Pump


    deal For Me Pump

    Ideal for me Pump precision engineered for maximum results. Ideal for me Pump is a gentleman’s enhancement system that consists of a precision gauge, vacuum chamber, trigger pump, a removable airtight seal and a penis ring.  Regulate the amount of pressure with the precision gauge, adjust the intensity with the two-finger, trigger pump control handle and disengage with the quick release valve. Bonus elastomer penis ring helps maintain erection and elongate each Pump experience.